INSCYD gives you access to the best metrics, the most unique features based on scientific research

Go beyond the old school way of lactate testing

Conventional lactate testing has not improved in the past 40 years. With INSCYD, though, you can finally understand the complete underlying physiology of your athlete and create a holistic performance profile of any athlete. And only through a lactate measurement!

With INSCYD you can:

  • Access the full set of metrics available through our software.
  • Test anywhere: in the lab or in the field. INSCYD adapts to both conditions
  • Use a step test protocol in combination with some maximal efforts, or any variety of different durations & intensities.
  • Test specifically: test your athletes close race conditio: on a climb, after a 200m freestyle time trial, or after a 800m flat-out run.
  • Add VO2 measurements if you can. INSCYD takes data from any sport.
  • Enter the data into INSCYD and instantly receive the complete performance profile of your athlete.
  • Directly compare lactate tests of different protocols, and even when you have two data sets that shows different durations and intensities.


  • INSCYD gives you access to performance metrics that were only accessible to a few elite coaches or sport labs.
  • Reduce testing time: now you can obtain all the metrics you need (and demanded several lab visits) in only 45 minutes.
  • Highest accuracy: with a simple lactate test you will get the same accuracy of the most sophisticated scientific methods.
  • Group testing: with INSCYD you can test a whole team of 8 athletes in less than 60 minutes.
  • Test where it matters: now you can obtain reliable and comparable data from regular training sessions or even races.

Forget about conventional FTP & Power Testing

Power output might be the single most important metric during a training ride, however it doesn't tell you what to train to increase your power. The power that an athlete produces is composed of several physiological factors. Conventional and simple two-dimension "power versus duration" models (Monod-Scherer and similar) can't explain how a power output is composed. Therefore, using those methods, you will never understand your physiological limits and what offers the biggest room for improvement.

With INSCYD you can change this: thanks to a multi-dimensional model that includes all the relevant physiological components of a performance, it becomes possible to read the most crucial metrics from just a series of short and simple maximum efforts.

This is how it works:

  • Instruct your athlete to carry out three specific maximum efforts of a duration of 15 seconds, four minutes and 20 minutes.
  • Use additional power data from non test-specific data if possible.
  • Receive the data from the athlete via a training platform (TrainingPeaks or similar) or via email.
  • Use any third-party software to analyze the data (WKO, Golden Cheetah, SRMX).
  • Enter the specific power values of those three maximum tests into INSCYD.
  • Receive a full physiological performance profile of ALL the metrics that are available in INSCYD (VO2max, VLamax, FatMax, anaerobic threshold, carbohydrate combustion, aerobic and anerobic energy contribution, and more).

The human performance lab you always wanted

With a critical power test, and without visiting a lab, you can obtain a full performance profile of your athlete - and obtain the same result you could only get in the best equipped labs.

More specifically, with the critical power test and through INSCYD you now can:

  • Obtain physiological data where it matters: on the road, on the bike, on a track.
  • Ensure lab test accuracy: determination of VO2max, VLmax, anaerobic threshold is en par with lab testing!
  • Maximize : the use of power meters and power based training.
  • Understand how a power output is composed and what has to be done in training to improve it.
  • Invest minimal time: unlike lab testing you don't need to invest more then five minutes to obtain a full performance report of your athlete.
  • Increase revenue of your coaching business as you can now offer lab-level testing to any remotely coached athlete anywhere in the world.

Any sport - Anytime - Anywhere

With INSCYD you can now combine two attributes that seemed incompatible: specific testing and comparable results. INSCYD allows you to test your athletes either in a lab or on field with a defined testing protocol. Yet, you can also test your athletes in a certain scenario like training, race-like conditions or even at a race. Test your 200m freestyle swimmer in a 200m training session ahead of a race, test your 800m runner in an 800m run and the cyclist on that specific climb he needs to perform on. Then compare the results of these tests to previous test data and no matter what the protocol was.

Stop worrying about protocols - Start to measure what you really care about

  • INSCYD normalizes the data tests for time, distance and speed or power. All of your results are comparable, no matter how or where you ran the tests.
  • Analyze and compare historical performance data of your athlete - even though various different testing protocols were used.
  • Don't sacrifice training for testing: obtain data during training sessions. With INSCYD you can now use any interval training session, or even a competition, to run the same performance analysis as you would get from designated test sessions.
  • Precisely measure the effect of equipment on the performance of your athlete: road bike versus time trial bike, triathlon suit versus wetsuit, heavy versus light running shoes - with INSCYD you can tell the precise difference of any performance.

Know the outcome before you start training

The most invaluable feature of INSCYD may well be the ability to accurately project the future performances of your athlete.

Make informed decisions on what to work on in training by precisely calculating the impact of a certain adaptation. Take the guess out of your training programs. Stop using a trial and error approach. Now you can predict the effects of a change in any performance metric on the overall performance of your athlete. Your athletes will have total confidence in your methods and they will see the benefits of certain trainings on their performance.

How it works

Run a performance test (in any lab or on field) and upload the results on INSCYD.

  1. Run a performance test (in any lab or on field) and upload the results on INSCYD.
  2. Retrieve the full set of results and physiological performance metrics of your athlete. Identify the metric which relates the best to the chosen race performance. This may be: maximal fat combustion, anaerobic threshold or speed or power at the maximum lactate level your athlete can achieve.
  3. Afterwards manipulate any physiological metric of your athlete: body composition, aerobic power, glycolytic power, oxygen kinetics. Re-run the test in order to model the potential outcome that these changes will produce.
  4. Identify the smallest differences in real versus virtual performance by plotting both tests in the same graph.

Stop worrying about protocols - Start to measure what you really care about

Now you can truly understand the precise impact that your training will have on an athlete in the future. Prescribe workouts with confidence, knowing that your methods will have the desired impact on their performance.

A 360° view on athletic performance - at a glance!

INSCYD's metabolic fingerprint allows you to instantly see a full strength and weakness analysis at a glance. This feature gives an accurate and rich overview of the performance status of an athlete:

  • See all the key metrics in one place.
  • Visually quantify each metric.
  • Raw data are ranked against a peer comparison group.
  • Immediately identify which areas need more or less attention.
  • Being able to accurately interpret and prioritize the areas where most work is needed.

Three rules for valuable performance monitoring

  1. Measuring regularly: With INSCYD, there is no more need for a specific testing session. You can run a designated lab or field test on your athlete, but you can also capture the needed metrics with any training session (or race). Increase the frequency of testing, without the need to sacrifice valuable training time.
  2. Measure accurately: INSCYD's algorithms have been validated by numerous scientific studies, proving that the accuracy of the software is en par with the highest standard in lab testing. But with INSCYD you will increase the meaning of your data even more: now you can measure your athletes' performances where it matters: on the field, on the road, in the pool.
  3. Measure comprehensive: Get the whole picture of your athletes' performances by obtaining all the relevant metrics every time you test. Instead of doing a designated test for each parameter of performance you are interested in, now you get them all in only one test session. This allows you to understand the interaction of the individual metrics and their impact on the overall performance.

Understanding adaptation

Linking a specific training regime to a specific performance outcome is tricky. The impact of various training techniques can interfere with one another, making it almost impossible to see the real effects of a single method. Nowadays, it is easier to closely monitor

training: power meters, GPS trackers, data loggers, and so on have made the work faster. But these tools only tell you how training was carried out, and not what adaptation it has triggered. Start comparing the documented training (input) with a complete picture of your athletes' performances (output). INSCYD enables you to break down the overall performance of your athlete into individual components. Monitoring and assessing each metric separately will allow you to understand precisely which adaptation the prescribed training triggered

Get the most out of your data

Visualize the tiny differences between a winning and a losing performance. With INSCYD you can directly compare data sets of different athletes or of the same athlete at different occasions. 

  1. Compare the behavior of the most important performance metrics as a function of speed or power.
  2. Load up to three data sets in one graph.
  3. Differences in metrics will get highlighted automatically.
  4. Use the zoom and pan functions to highlight and explore specific areas of the performance in detail.
  5. Read the actual difference as a numeric result.

The physiological demand of records

Do you ask yourself what does it take to run a sub-2h marathon, to break the cycling hour record, to swim 200m freestyle sub 1'42''? Do you ask yourself how your athletes stacks up against the competition? Now you can answer those questions - with INSCYD!

  • Create a virtual athlete with physiological capacities of your choice.
  • Define aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, economy, body composition, buffering capacity, oxygen kinetics, and more.
  • Receive the metabolic profile of this athlete.
  • Compare the performance of this virtual athlete against you athlete.
  • Check the performance of the virtual athlete in the desired scenario.

A complete review on athletic performances

The best performance assessment is only as good as you can use it. With INSCYD you create a multiple page report of any performance assessment of your athletes - with only a few clicks.

  • Download a PDF report for each assessment done with INSCYD
  • Send the report to your athletes or to a team manager, affiliated coach etc.
  • The report is branded with the logo and address of your company, team or organization.
  • Auto populated explanation text in the language of your choice for each figure.
  • Add individual comments and remarks for each figure for your athlete, team managers or other coaches.
  • Customize training zones and add training recommendations.
  • Highlight the aspects that are of the highest interest using zoom and pan functions.

Specific training recommendations - to specific training adaptations

Your current default training zones may be based on fixed percentages of an FTP, a lactate threshold, a VO2max or a personal record. Why is this common practice? Because of the lack of comprehensive performance data. INSCYD training zones are not only based on fixed percentages of one and the same metric, but on the actual metabolic system you want to train.

  • Eight sophisticated default training zones, each one based on a specific, evidence based algorithm instead of a fixed percentage.
  • Includes FatMax zone: the intensity at which fat combustion is highest.
  • Unique lactate shuttling intensities: intensities to train lactate combustion and production.
  • Total energy consumption and fat and carbohydrate contribution for each endurance training zones.
  • Edit each existing zone as you prefer.
  • Add up to five customised training zones.

Teamwork enabled

Best performances are created as teamwork. In INSCYD you can manage the collaboration of numerous experts in a large organization. Working together to increase athletes performance is efficient and easy:

  • Unlimited number of athletes and users.
  • Cloud based service, independent of the type of computer used. Accessible everywhere and every time.
  • Coaches can share data with each others.
  • Granular customized rights management allows individual authorization settings for roles such as: management, head & assistant coaches, interns and even external affiliates of an organization.